to all Sympatisant Sympas, Supporter Jovials, Giene Ziever Mennekes, Partners and Founders! Because with your massive support, the start was a huge success. Eylenbosch is back!

Our ‘Patience for Eylenbosch’ beers, which we brewed while waiting, have meanwhile become fixed values. You were the first to taste our Oude Gueuze and Kriek Eylenbosch, and the next lambic brews are now maturing in the oak wooden barrels that we were able to buy thanks to you.

You are forever part of this beautiful story of Eylenbosch!

+100.000 euros
+300 crowdfunders

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03/10/2019, 14:44

We at Brewery Eylenbosch have great plans, and we’d like everyone to take part in them. That is why we launch a crowfunding project.

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Veu ne goeie Gueuze moede wa patience emme.

Erik De Keersmaeker


What does Patience taste like?

Patience – a 5.5 % ‘Saison’- is a dark blonde beer featuring a broad white head. It has a dry, spicy and rounded flavour with a pleasant, lasting hoppy bitterness. A thirst quencher with loads of flavour and relatively low alcohol percentage, to be served cold.

When will Eylenbosch Oude Gueuze and Oude Kriek reach the market?

Your patience and our Patience is finally rewarded.

The first production of the Oude Gueuze and the Oude Kriek has been finished since January 2021 and is a great success. Such a success that the Oude Gueuze is already sold out and the Oude Kriek is “almost” sold out. Of course for the crowdfunders their pack has been saved and put aside.

We have already started production of the second batch, en we can announce it for the summer of 2021.

  • Eylenbosch Oude Kriek 2nd batch: Summer 2021
  • Eylenbosch Oude Gueuze 2nd batch: Summer 2021
When do I receive the package I ordered?

For the Sympathisant Sympa and Supporteir Jovial package:

The Pack can be picked up in our offices or at our Hof van Piemont stekerij, always on appointment. Brewery Eylenbosch, Lierput 1, 1730 Kobbegem / Hof van Piemont, Isidoor Crokaertstraat 167, 1731 Zellik

We will propose a pick-up time by email.

For the Giene Ziever Menneke, Partner en Founder packages:

Due to the personalised elements, which have to be produced by name/individually, we ask for some time to prepare your unique package. We will contact you as soon as your personal package is ready

What do we intend to do with your contribution?

Eylenbosch wants to be able to stock as soon as possible no less than 1,500 hectolitres of lambic beer. For this purpose we need 15 vats, 100 large barrels and 100 regular barrels, all made of oak. In order to generate the financial means to make this possible, we call on the input of beer lovers through crowdfunding. The target amount is 150,000 euro.